We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

we were liarsE.Lockhart is a master writer, her prose is enveloping and her pacing is impeccable. The first word of this book to the last chases after the truth with frustrating fervor. Cady Sinclair Eastman is the granddaughter in an affluent family.  The Sinclair’s own a summer island which holds their wealth, history, and secrets hostage.  The Grandfather and Grandmother live in the grand old mansion, and the three daughters have their own houses on the summer island. The houses themselves are symbols of their Fathers love and favor.   The Sinclairs spend summers there as a family.  The summer in which the story unfolds is the summer after an accident that left Cady with amnesia.  No one will tell her what has happened, and memory eludes her at every turn.  Lockhart paints the subtleties of truth and lies so close together it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction.  As the back history of dysfunction is revealed, you are compelled to keep reading and mesmerized by the bits and pieces you are given.  If you like thrillers and psychological complexities, pick this book up, it will shock you.

To purchase this book on Amazon, click here:

We Were Liars

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