A Girl From Yamhill by Beverly Cleary

a girl from yamhillmy own two feet_Reading both of Beverly Cleary’s biographies made me long to time travel back to the 30’s and 40’s. Although these were very hard times, as Ms. Cleary wrote about, they are fascinating times in history. I was nostalgic for some aspects of life we will never know, like riding on street cars, going to dances in ankle socks, and being picked up for a date in a Model T. Ms. Cleary’s life is fascinating; she came of age in a time where very few opportunities existed for young people. However, her dream of becoming a librarian became a reality, with an interesting journey along the way.  A Girl from Yamhill tells her story of childhood from a farm to graduating high school in Portland. My Own Two Feet continues her story into adulthood, through college during the great depression, becoming a librarian, and even running an army library on a military base.  She finally got the courage to write her first book, and the rest is her better known history. Writing award winning books and becoming one of the most beloved authors for children. I don’t read many autobiographies, but these were superb. 

To purchase from Amazon, click here:

A Girl from Yamhill

My Own Two Feet (An Avon Camelot Book)

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