All the Bright Places by Jennifer Nevin

If you liked A Fault in their Stars, this is your next book

all-the-bright-placesViolet and Theodore meet in the bell tower of their high school, but begin to actually know each other when they are paired on a school project about the history of Indiana. Violet is popular, Theodore is on the outskirts of every crowd, but they meet in the middle of their own pain, join hands, and step back off the ledge. All the Bright Places is a coming of age, teen angst, wrestling with emotional junk book, done well. I loved The Fault in our Stars because the characters were endearing, the dialogue was sharp and rich with quick banter. This book has the same elements, with characters a reader can care about, relate to, and root for. Indiana’s suburbs and small towns are the backdrop to Violet and Theodore’s friendship, which adds a small town rural feel to the novel. It makes you want to make a mix tape and drive with someone you love. I need to warn you this is a sad book, I was not prepared for the ending, I am glad I had the journey, but I was hoping for a happy ending. Life does not always grant us the happy ending, and this book does not either, but it is a notable young adult read. If you liked A Fault in their Stars or have not read it because of all the hype, this is the Indy version.

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All the Bright Places

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