2 Books to Give on Mother’s Day

 Tell Me My Story Mama by Deb Lund

Tell me my story mamaDeb Lund captures the joy, wonder, and crazy transformation pregnancy brings to a new mother. This beautiful picture book tells her pregnancy and birth story. If you have a newborn, or a smaller child, write your wife’s pregnancy and birth story in the book. Include the funny, tender, and special memories to make a keepsake for the mother of your children.


To Purchase this book on Amazon, click here:Tell Me My Story, Mama

Mom School by Rebecca Van Slyke 

Mom schoolWhere did moms learn all their amazing skills? They attended Mom School, of course. This is a witty, sweet, and loving way to tell about all ways mothers love and care for their children. If you have older children, ask them what their mom learned at mom school. If they don’t understand, ask them what their mom does well.  Write it in the front cover with their age and the year. Any mother will feel appreciated, loved, and special on Mother’s Day.

To Purchase this book on Amazon, click here: Mom School


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