Up to this Pointe by Jennifer Longo

up to this pointeHarper and her friend Kate have danced at the same Ballet studio as long as they can remember. She has only known one dream all of her life. To dance professionally in the San Francisco ballet. Harper has orchestrated every minute of her life to attain her goal. When life takes an unplanned turn, Harper has to re-write the plan book, or throw it out altogether. An impulse trip to Antarctica and an unexpected romance are just the right salve for a wounded Harper.  I love how Jennifer Long wrote strong settings. She captured the heart of sparkling San Francisco, as well the as fascinating history and harsh wonder of Antarctica.  Every character is three dimensional and comes alive as you read. The dialogue is sharp and fresh, never cheesy or contrived. I simply loved this book. I loved how it spoke to the universal feelings of heartbreak and disappointment. However, it also resonates with the hope that springs forth from plotting a new course. It is Young Adult literature at its finest.

To Purchase On Amazon, click here: Up to This Pointe

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