The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe

The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe 

the-gilded-yearsIn 1897 a brave woman stepped onto Vassar College Campus. She was a black woman, her heritage hidden by white ancestry on both sides of her family tree, so courage was her only option. Anita Hemmings passed as white and entered the all-women’s college.  At a time when New York was being built by Vanderbilt and Carnegie wealth; Anita entered society poor, from a black family.

Anita and her friends lived a dreamy existence. Weekends were spent at formal dances in lace dresses, ice skating, and riding in carriages through the city. Anita was a strong student, and a gifted linguist. She excelled at Vassar academically, particularly in Greek and Latin. Her drab clothing made her feel like an outsider. She was perceived as poor, but fit in by carefully hiding her race. Until she was assigned a room with Lottie Taylor. Lottie was the wealthiest girl on campus, and a true believer in the separation of races. Anita’s safe existence becomes threatened when her friendship with Lottie blossoms. Set in an era of incredible romance and simplicity, but also of harsh prejudice. It will prove that separate was never equal, and the end of slavery was just the beginning of a long road of racial reconciliation. If you are a reader of Historical Fiction, put this on your list.

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Here is a photo of  Anita Hemmings during her college years:

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