Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple


Like most of the world, I loved Maria Semple’s first book, ‘Where’d You Go Bernadette.’ Her first book was such a huge success, I cannot imagine the pressure of writing the follow up. I was determined not to compare the two. I vowed to myself I would read ‘Today Will be Different’ as if I had never heard of Ms. Semple. I truly and fully enjoyed this book, and (not that I am comparing) it is not like her first novel. However, it was authentic, which was satisfying for me as a reader.

Eleanor wants to be better. The day, we meet her she has vowed to be her best self. To be kind, generous, and put together. Then life slaps her in the face and her vow goes out the window. Her husband is acting odd, her child is not behaving, and nothing is working Eleanor’s favor. Eleanor flashes back to her successful career as the creator of a hit television show, and compares it with the struggle of daily life as a mother. I appreciated the creativity and depth of this novel. Eleanor’s back story is told through a graphic novel in the middle of the book. It is sad, but makes the reader gain empathy for her slightly selfish and erratic choices.  This book is unexpected, funny, gloomy, and well done. If you love books set in Seattle, and can appreciate a character with many flaws, give it a go.

To Purchase this on Amazon, click here: Today Will Be Different

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